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Blending technology with clinical protocols to deliver health care support & virtual rehabilitation.

Tools for Providers

We have optimized technology and re-designed the delivery of care by empowering providers with tools to make intelligent data-driven decisions in the areas of Musculoskeletal, Neurological, Cognitive and Cardiac Care.
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Virtual Rehabilitation
Utilize computer vision with virtual coaches to remotely prescribe & monitor a patient’s gait, balance & range of motion capabilities during pre-op & post-op rehab.

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Virtual Consults
Use HD video to enable connectivity between your care team to effectively address patient issues like pain relief & and mental health issues.

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Motion Tracking Analytics
Stream & review real time range of motion capabilities data optimized for institutions based on their needs, patient population & clinical workflows.
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Virtual Classrooms
Deliver group-based peer to peer educational sessions to patients, or confer with colleagues to discuss cases & implement treatment plans.

Solutions for Patients

ForaHealthyMe supports patients with...

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The Right Tools

Clinically-validated tools, workflows & kinematic & 3D virtual coaching that simulate human motion & stimulate physical activity.

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The Right Information

Information & resources to connect with the right connection tools to connect with your personal health team to bridge the gaps & enable optimal care.

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The Right Support

Personalized, & secure applications like biometric and nutrition data gathering applications to enhance the quality of your care.

Why Choose ForaHealthyMe?

Clinic visits can be time consuming, costly & impractical for patients & caregivers. Our technology seeks to optimize limited health resources & service utilization to increase access to care, improve patient quality of life & health outcomes. Healthcare & community sector providers can engage, communicate, manage and support patients in a place where they prefer to be – at home.

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Advancing Patient-Centered Health
With the move towards value-based care, providers must apply metrics to cost, quality, health outcomes & patient experience, we partner with academic, providers and health system partners to conduct research.

Our research generates evidence to support the efficacy of our technology while adding value & advancing patient-centered health.

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