Physician to patient virtual consultations, clinician-led
virtual classrooms, as well as patient education
& disease management solutions.

Tools for Clinicians delivers web and mobile telehealth applications that reduce the constraints of face-to-face visits, enhance education, & support pre-operative consults/post-operative follow-ups.


Engage patients with telehealth applications for physician to patient virtual consultations.


Educate patients with clinically-validated content on a variety of chronic conditions and their treatment.


Monitor patients & track important medical milestones, including adherence to medication.


Deliver group-based education sessions or demonstrations. Patients can utilize features including built in messaging & question recognition by simply raising a hand.

Why choose

With a focus on public health research, we aim to deliver evidence-based & patient-centered tools that connect the disease, treatment options & health care delivery with cost-effective outcomes. Our model is under-pinned & optimized by the use of telehealth technologies in clinical practice. Learn more

Advancing Patient-Centered Health

Advancing Patient-Centered Health

We develop models & protocols that leverage our telehealth applications to engage, educate , and gather patient outcomes data on chronic conditions like Congestive Heart Failure.


Telehealth Applications for Desktop & Mobile

Our products and services are sold to clinics, healthcare institutions and home care institutions. All you need is a desktop/laptop or mobile device with a HD webcam, browser & internet connection.

Our applications help to improve the quality of care delivered to patients living with debilitating chronic conditions, or are in acute care.

Solutions for Patients supports patients with..

The Right Tools

Personal video conferencing tools to maintain the quality of care received while away from the hospital.

The Right Information

Clinician approved educational content for you & your caregiver based on a diagnosed medical condition.

The Right Support

Virtual communities of support from caregivers & health care providers.