Tools for Providers

For providers, our solution delivers integrated functionality with provider/patient virtual consults, workflows, health assessment scales, appointment scheduling & health outcomes analytics.

Providers are empowered with software that simulates human motion in a virtual environment that generates aggregated data and reports. The data enables a provider to monitor, gauge and diminish the risk of post-op complications.

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Prescribe exercises during the pre-op & post-op phases using interactive & intuitive 3D avatars to reduce the risk of surgical complications.

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Use HD video to enhance critical elements of care to track & measure patient readiness for surgery.

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Motion Tracking

Stream real-time measurements & analyze multiple data sets to build custom treatment plans.

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Deliver group-based & peer to peer educational sessions to streamline patient & caregiver instructions before & after surgery.

Solutions for Patients

ForaHealthyMe supports patients with...

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The Right Tools

Clinically-validated virtual simulation & disease management technologies to increase patient access to care.

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The Right Information

Clinician approved educational content based on a diagnosed medical condition.

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The Right Support

Personalized & secure applications to enhance the quality of care.

Why Choose ForaHealthyMe?

Most available health solutions focus either on chronic or acute care. Very few address mental health issues. The ForaHealthyMe platform is different, as it successfully integrates critical elements of virtual care for patients with complex chronic illnesses, and behavioral health issues, receiving acute care.

The rationale for this integration is based on the reality that patients often transition from chronic, to acute care, and back.

Throughout this care continuum, many patients struggle with mental health issues like Stress, Anxiety and/or Depression. Learn more about our research.

Doctor With Female Patient

Advancing Patient-Centered Health

With the move towards value-based care, providers must apply metrics to cost, quality, health outcomes & patient experience, we partner with academic, providers and health system partners to conduct research.

Our research generates evidence to support the efficacy of our technology while adding value & advancing patient-centered health. Learn more about our research.

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Our Supporting Partners

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