Build For 2030 Digital Inclusion

ForaHealthyMe Inc. Joins Microsoft's #BuildFor2030 Campaign in Support of UN SDGs

As a proud Microsoft partner, we're thrilled to participate in the #BuildFor2030 campaign. Inspired by the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals, this campaign focuses on highlighting solutions and services that are driving positive impact and contributing to a more inclusive economy.

The campaign is in alignment with Global Accessibility Awareness Day and UN SDGs that support Digital Inclusion and Accessibility. Microsoft and its partners develop solutions and services that build toward a more inclusive future, including the more than one billion people living with disabilities.

Over the past year, we've witnessed rapid transformation in the health sector. 2020 was unlike any other year. With a few exceptions, globally, many health systems worked to support the needs of the patients under their care, however, the myriad of problems within the health systems were also widely recognized and acknowledged.

The systems suffered from chronic funding challenges, deficiencies and issues that led to patients receiving suboptimal care.

As hospitals try to cope with new protocols for managing patients with complex chronic care issues or those in need of surgery, they face addition burdens impacted by COVID-19. New models of care must be implemented to engage, manage, treat and monitor patients.

These are big and very complex problems to solve. It will make more than a single entity or country to solve. But collectively we can collaborate to address them.

Partnering with Microsoft drives positive impact. We support the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Together we achieve more. Join us in making a difference.

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