Team COVRehab Finalist

VR for Long Covid Hackathon - Finalist

Innovations to find solutions for the relief of Long Covid patients: Representing Team COVRehab, ForaHealthyMe in collaboration with Radboud University Medical Center and SyncVR Medical in the Netherlands, were announced as finalist during the VR for Long Covid Hackathon.

COVID-19 has had a devastating impact and will continue to disrupt health care delivery for the foreseeable future. In many cases, surgical procedures cancelled or delayed during COVID waves one and two resulted in an increased surgical backlog and poor health outcomes.
Post-COVID-19 patients, including those not admitted to hospital, are expected to have high needs for physical, psychological, and cognitive rehabilitation (long-COVID).

Innovative models must be built to address future health care challenges.

Between May 17 and 21, 18 teams and 10 individuals from 9 countries, competed in the VR4REHAB hackathon, with one common goal: invent Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) solutions for Long Covid rehabilitation.

During the event, teams and individual participants competed against each other to come up with the best VR/AR solutions for Covid rehabilitants.
Nine winners were announced. The nine best ideas with entrepreneurial potential will be presented at the development jams. Thereafter, step towards developing a prototype will occur.

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