Hong Kong - Markham AI & Hardware Tech Exchange Webinar

ForaHealthyMe Participated in the Hong Kong - Markham: AI & Hardware Tech Exchange Webinar - Hosted by the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office

On November 2nd, business leaders operating in Hong Kong and Markham participated a virtual event to showcase how Hong Kong and Markham are supportive and vibrant hubs for nurturing innovation and business/start-up partnerships with a global outlook.

Hosted by Invest Hong Kong, City of Markham and the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (Toronto). Special guests included Ms. Emily Mo, Director, Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (Toronto) Mayor Frank Scarpitti, City of Markham.

The event created opportunities for partners, speakers, and participants to meet face-to-face, exchange ideas, and learn about current and future developments in AI and Hardware Tech in Hong Kong and Markham.

Company CEO, Courtney Cole spoke about how ForaHealthyMe uses AI and machine learning in healthcare delivery. He cited examples of ways organizations can use AI to increase patient access to care, deliver services remotely and reduce operational costs.

The ForaHealthyMe solution delivers comprehensive care tools to address the complex needs of patients with musculoskeletal, cardiological, neurological and cognitive issues. Web and rehab application include tools for virtual consults and Gamified Virtual Rehab tools for and range-of-motion protocol prescriptions.

According to Cole, "ForaHealthyMe has a global focus and is currently investing in market development opportunities in Asia. We have built partnerships in Hong Kong with a view to commercializing our solutions with hospitals, specialty clinics, rehab centers, long-term and home care delivery organizations."

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Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels