Wired Different Canada

ForaHealthyMe Inc. Among 50 tech companies to watch in Toronto

ForaHealthyMe Inc. is among 50 innovative Canadian companies featured in the Wired Different publication. Under the heading, "Canadian entrepreneurs are wired differently", the magazine features 50 tech companies to watch in Toronto and the surrounding region.

The companies featured include those working in the areas of Medicine, Fintech, Clean Energy, Robotics and Big Data. They are listed as difference makers, which gives them an edge in a world that is being rewired. ForaHealthyMe Inc. is profiled under the heading, Medical tech with a human touch.

The writers state, "These and other ventures profiled in this magazine are just a small sample of Toronto's burgeoning tech sector. As our ecosystem grows, so its impact will grow, too. That is good news for our region, for Canada and for the world."