Bundled Payment Model Structure

Bundled payments means fixed costs for services. Fixed costs models require new innovation to improve outcomes, address the gaps in care, while delivering value.

Based on the bundled care approach, a group of health care providers determine a single payment to cover all the care needs of an individual patient's hospital care and home care.

Bundled care models focus on improving costs, outcomes and patient satisfaction. Virtual Rehab technology solutions have been proven to be as effective as traditional therapy but at a lower cost.

Combining validated virtual care models to address physiological and cognitive issues, with tele-rehab (kinematic computer vision) technologies delivers a new model of care, improves patient outcomes, enhances patient engagement and drives cost savings.

From the moment the patient is diagnosed, all the way through to surgery, discharge and rehab, patients can be transferred and managed by different care teams based on the patient’s status on the same platform.

A care team can remotely manage chronic, acute, mental health and rehabilitation care and support services to patients. The approach places the patient at the core of the circle with a network of support and health service providers in a constellation around them to facilitate synergistic and consistent service delivery.