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AI-enabled solutions that address the whole continuum of care.

Our Solutions

ForaHealthyMe solutions address the gaps in care for pre-Op and post-Op musculoskeletal, cardiac or neurological care patients.

Current treatment models result in patients having to visit multiple treatment centers or conduct aspects of their care via video. This is inefficient, ineffective and costly.

From the moment the patient is diagnosed, through to surgery, discharge and rehab, patients can be transferred and managed by different care teams based on the patient’s status on the same platform.

"ForaHealthyMe offers a big solution to a big problem that the health care sector is currently facing. Statistics Canada has noted that thousands of people will suffer increased morbidity and mortality waiting for surgery, a number that has steadily increased due to COVID-19. ForaHealthyMe offers a solution that helps ensure the patient is in their best physical state prior to entering the hospital and achieves the best results once discharged."

(Report excerpt- IRAP/Southlake Regional Commercialization Consultation Program. CreateIT Now is the formal innovation arm of Southlake.)

Integration with leading EHRs and cloud technology enables data, including video, generated from wearables, range of motion activities and other assessments to be shared securely.

Our Solutions

How Does It Work?

Along with a suite of clinical tools, assessments, tracking and video applications, the platform utilizes gaming, computer vision, and proprietary mathematical algorithms. A health provider can remotely prescribe pre-op and post-op rehab protocols to a patient.

The platform consists of a range of clinically validated solutions, all accessible from a single interface / connected device. It includes:

All-In-One Chronic and Acute Care Management Solutions

Care provider/patient management workflows deliver virtual rehabilitation and health care support to patients.

Comprehensive Care from Home

Software solutions including mental & physical health assessment tools & algorithms to address gaps in care for patients with musculoskeletal, neurological, cardiology & cognitive impairment issues.


Virtual consult solutions and provider tools enable connectivity, communication, information sharing between providers, patient and caregivers across treatment areas.

Comprehensive Health Records

Uniform health records reflect assessments, biometrics and data collected from range of motion and rehab activities including audio and video logs.

AI- Enabled Rehab / ROM, Cognitive Assessments

Computer vision kinematic technology includes a repository of over 100 clinically approved rehab protocols to support gait, balance, abductions and other range of motion assessments.

Gamified 3D Virtual Coaching

3D virtual avatars simulate human motion and stimulate physical activity in a domestic or in a clinical setting among patients in need of rehab.

Biometric Monitoring

Data such as blood pressure, heart rate, diet and rehab activities gathered through connected devices (IoT) can also be shared between systems. Data gathered is fed into the patient’s records.

Mental Health Assessments

Clinical scales monitor and address physical & mental health concerns to address the disconnect between physical and mental health comprehensive care.


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