Our applications are built on a foundation of research to address gaps between physical and mental health treatment. The solution has been proven to improve the patient and caregiver experience, improve the health of populations, reduce the per capita cost of health care, and improve the work life of providers.

Innovation to Lower Costs

With changes to bundled care payment models, costs for health services are fixed. Fixed costs models require new innovation to improve outcomes, address the gaps in care, while delivering value.

Our optimized digital health solutions, including computer vision improve the delivery of care by empowering providers with tools to make intelligent data-driven decisions in musculoskeletal, neurological & cognitive health care. 

"ForaHealthyMe offers a solution that helps ensure the patient is in their best physical state prior to entering the hospital and achieves the best results once discharged. Southlake is in agreeance that there is a need for this technology."

(Report excerpt- IRAP/Southlake Regional Commercialization Consultation Program. CreateIT Now is the formal innovation arm of Southlake.)

In cases of out-patient care for Pre-Op and Post-Op musculoskeletal, cardiac or neurological care, our web & AI technology delivers 95% accuracy with tracking human motion.

The platform includes validated kinesiology protocols for squats, 30 second sit/stand, standing hip abduction, standing knee/hip flexion, walking, gait and posture assessments.

Patients access gamified tools and applications including virtual coaching avatars that simulate human motion. Powered by artificial intelligence, these avatars help to stimulate the physical activity necessary for a range of motion assessment and ongoing rehab.

Joint coordinates
Joint tracking