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  • ForaHealthyMe Inc. Among 50 tech companies to watch in Toronto

    December 13, 2018 12:00 P.M.

    ForaHealthyMe Inc. is among 50 innovative Canadian companies featured in the Wired Different publication. Under the heading, “Canadian entrepreneurs are wired differently”, the magazine features 50 tech companies to watch in Toronto and the surrounding region.

    The companies featured include those working in the areas of Medicine, Fintech, Clean Energy, Robotics and Big Data. They are listed as difference makers, which gives them an edge in a world that is being rewired. ForaHealthyMe Inc. is profiled under the heading, Medical tech with a human touch.

    The writers state, “These and other ventures profiled in this magazine are just a small sample of Toronto’s burgeoning tech sector. As our ecosystem grows, so its impact will grow, too. That is good news for our region, for Canada and for the world.”

  • ForaHealthyMe Inc., Expands Its Global Reach to Asia

    Oct 19, 2018

    ForaHealthyMe Inc., was a member of Canadian Rehabilitation and Assistive Device Mission to China and Hong Kong between October 9thand 16th, 2018. The mission was organized by the Governments of Ontario and Canada. Key stops included Guangzhou, Beijing, Chengdu, Hong Kong.

    The rising purchasing power among Chinese consumers is driving greater demand for rehabilitation services and assistive devices. In addition,China’s policy leaders and its private sector are keen to learn about Canada’s innovation in rehabilitation and assistive device. They are seeking new partners that can offer expertise and innovative solutions.As such, there is a need for smart technology solutions like electronic systems for communication and caring purposes and health management applications.

    The market size for rehabilitation and assistive device reached CNY400 billion (CAD $80billion) in 2017. The Chinese government has encouraged the establishment of rehabilitation centers within large hospitals and community health centers. Twelve cities have been identified as ‘pilot innovation bases’ in China for assistive device research and development.

    The Beijing leg of the tour included participation in the annual China International Care & Rehabilitation Expo China (CRE). The CRE brings together the most advanced and most updated technologies, achievements and products from the rehabilitation, assistive device, elderly care and health industries, with an aim to build a multi-functional and all-dimensional platform for leading the future development of the industries.

    Thank you to our team of engineers, developers and our partners.
    ForaHealthyMe Inc. welcomes guests at the Canada Pavilion during the China International Care & Rehabilitation Expo China (CRE) in Beijing.

  • ForaHealthyMe listed among Ontario Life Sciences Success Stories

    October 3, 2018 10:00 A.M.

    ForaHealthyMe Inc. is proud to be featured among the list of the Ontario Life Sciences Success Stories compiled and published by Life Sciences Ontario. The profiles outline the nature of the companies, critical milestones and barriers to success. A copy of the publication can be downloaded here.

    The list covers a full range of innovative Ontario-based companies. It includes global biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies like Merck and GlaxoSmithKline to organic food manufacturers like Green Table Foods, device companies like Synaptive Medical and scale up companies like ForaHealthyMe Inc.

    The LSO is a member-funded, not-for-profit organization advancing Ontario life sciences through advocacy and policy work, educational and networking events, and support services for our sector. LSO member companies consist of a diverse range of stakeholders from across our sector, including companies operating in biopharmaceuticals, agriculture, agri-food, the bio-economy, medical devices, animal health, environmental technologies, and more. Thank you to our partners and customers.

  • ForaHealthyMe Inc., Delivers an Affordable and Easy-to-use Human Motion Capture System.

    Mar 14, 2018

    ForaHealthyMe Inc., is pleased to announce the completion of a study to assess how accurately its proprietary kinematic motion capture system (which measures joint angles during human movement) performs against a gold standard motion capture system.

    Developed to address issues related to patient access to care and the ability of health providers to deliver services remotely, the solution uses proprietary mathematical algorithms, motion tracking, 3D Avatars and Gesture Recognition Technologies. Health providers can virtually prescribe an exercise routine, gather data, monitor and communicate with patients during the preoperative and postoperative phases of care.

    The study entitled: “An Evaluation of the Validity and Reliability of the Kinect-based System Developed by ForaHealthyMe Inc.” was conducted by Dmitry Verniba, M.Sc., Ph.D. graduate from the York University Orthopaedic Neuromechanics program with assistance of Vincenzo Di Bacco (MSc).

    Dr. Verniba assessed how accurately the ForaHealthyMe Inc., motion capture system measures joint angles during human movement, and how reliably the ForaHealthyMe Inc., system is able to measure joint angles across multiple sessions.
    He concluded, “the ForaHealthyMe Inc., motion capture system showed good to excellent reliability. The system IS consistent, almost as consistent as the gold standard system as well as clinical goniometry.”

    “Furthermore,” states Dr. Verniba, “unlike goniometry, the ForaHealthyMe Inc., system does not require specialized training and experience, equipment calibration, or participant preparation. Thus, the ForaHealthyMe Inc., system may be a viable alternative to the currently used clinical tools.”
    In a clinical setting, the ForaHealthyMe Inc., solution connects patients with their care team, rehabilitation specialists and health coaches. Known as virtual rehabilitation or tele-rehabilitation, software and analytics engine enable a provider to engage, assess, create customized care plans and use data to drive decision making.

    The study was funded in part under the Health Ecosphere Innovation Pipeline program.

    The company would like to acknowledge the support of Southlake Regional Health Center, the Faculty of Health at York University and Microsoft.

    Microsoft’s engineers in the Azure Application Consult team provided technical support, guidance and trouble shooting. The collaboration and support ranged from technical development, image reconstruction protocols and the best use of Azure tools to achieve consistent performance and scalability.
    A scientific paper is now available.

    To learn more, contact us –

  • ForaHealthyMe Inc. Among Four Canadian Personal Health Record Systems Recognized as IDC Innovators

    by Jason Bremner, Mark Schrutt January 22, 2018

    On January 22, 2018, International Data Corporation (IDC) Canada released an IDC Innovators report recognizing four Canadian personal health record startups with revenue under C$100 million.
    ForaHealthyMe Inc., along with three other health companies, were named.

    IDC selects vendors as IDC Innovators if they offer an innovative new technology, a ground-breaking approach to an existing issue, and/or an interesting new business model in a specific market. "It is no longer a question of if patients wanted or needed access to their personal health records. Attention has turned to how patients would use this information and who they would share it with. " says Mark Schrutt, Strategic Advisor, Public Sector & Innovation Research at IDC Canada. The new report, IDC Innovators: Canadian Personal Health Record Startups, 2018 document examines solution providers with revenue of less than $100 million with a product, service, or business model with a specific use case.
    About IDC Innovators
    IDC Innovators reports present a set of vendors – under $100M in revenue at time of selection – chosen by an IDC analyst within a specific market that offer an innovative new technology, a groundbreaking approach to an existing issue, and/or an interesting new business model. It is not an exhaustive evaluation of all companies in a segment or a comparative ranking of the companies. Vendors in the process of being acquired by a larger company may be included in the report provided the acquisition is not finalized at the time of publication of the report.
    Vendors funded by venture capital firms may also be included in the report even if the venture capital firm has a financial stake in the vendor's company. IDC INNOVATOR and IDC INNOVATORS are trademarks of International Data Group, Inc. For more information about IDC Innovators research, please contact Karen Moser at
    About IDC
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  • Innovation: Start-Ups in Canadian Healthcare

    Dec 2017

    IDC, a global provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and events for the information technology, telecommunications, and consumer technology markets have published a feature entitled - Innovation: Start-Ups in Canadian Healthcare. They report focused on the opportunities, challenges and experiences of startups in the Canadian Healthcare market. They interviewed a few startups. ForaHealthyMe was one (...)

    "Unfortunately, the current healthcare system cannot get close to meeting the expectations of the digital economy," says Mark Schrutt, strategic advisor, Innovation and Public Sector research. The desire is there. Clinicians and patients alike want to communicate together as patients progress through the cycle of care. Hospitals also want to tap into the innovation community.

    The report summarizes, there is a tremendous gap between the way healthcare sees research the way startups are transforming and disrupting other industries. Nothing is quick in healthcare and a zero-defects mentality shapes current thinking.

    Extract - Many of the research projects academic and research hospitals work on are initiated by the hospital ' s staff: physicians or scientists. This environment has created silos within many hospitals — islands of data that make it difficult for CIOs to integrate and support systems. Department heads and influential physicians are also instrumental in securing support, funding, and potential technology partners.

    This was the case with ForaHealthyMe, a remote care start-up that worked with the OCE to obtain funding for projects at St. Michael's (Peripheral Arterial Disease and Chronic Kidney Disease) and UHN (Spinal Cord Injury and support). "Funding goes hand in hand with research," commented ForaHealthyMe founder Courtney Cole. "These are long-term projects; they take a lot of time and resources, but the OCE Health Technology Fund can run just under a half a million dollars, which is a great boost to build, test, validate, and commercialize."

  • ForaHealthyMe Launches eHealth Platform with Ontario’s Health Technologies Fund

    by Emily Milling December 7, 2017

    Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) have world-class healthcare facilities that attract people from across Ontario. Ontario healthcare budgets are weighted to fund “larger hospitals and those in high growth areas and those that have highly specialized services like provincial childrens’ hospitals,” and hospitals develop research projects and provide patients with the most recent innovations in healthcare.

    But what about those who can’t easily travel or live several hours away by plane? Or those who require an integrated treatment plan that requires more than one element of care? For patients living with spinal cord injuries located outside of the GTA this is an issue often overlooked and ignored.

    Enter Courtney Cole, Founder and President of ForaHealthyMe, a virtual healthcare platform. Cole teamed up with Spinal Cord Injury Ontario, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute and the Centre for Family Medicine to address the accessibility of care issue for patients living with spinal cord injuries throughout Ontario by developing a virtual integrated platform under the theme “Better Care Closer to Home.” The official launch of their platform “Virtual Integrated Platform for Spinal Cord Injuries” (VIP4SCI), was announced Wednesday, November 1, 2017 at the Toronto Rehab Clinic, Lyndhurst Centre.

    The objective of the platform is to “build a solution that revolves around patient care,” says Cole who has been working with ventureLAB, an innovation hub that helps accelerate technology companies, to scale his platform and business based in York Region. “We are building a virtual clinic to enable patients with spinal cord injuries to access care through a suite of virtual applications. These include video-based solutions for one to one consults with a family physician or a specialist, self-assessments, goal setting and peer to peer engagements.”

  • ForaHealthyMe Inc. and partner Spinal Cord Injury Ontario awarded Health Technologies Fund Grant

    April 3, 2017 12:50 P.M.

    Announced on April 3, 2017, ventureLAB entrepreneur ForaHealthyMe Inc. in partnership with Spinal Cord Injury Ontario, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute and the Center for Family Medicine, has been awarded $424,638 from the Ontario Health Technologies Fund granting program.

    The grants provided by Ontario’s Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care will support the development of software and mobile devices that focus on the delivery of better home and community care(Jensen/Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, 2017).

    The project will enhance the support and services to patients with spinal cord injuries and other mobility disabilities from acute care, through rehab and during the transition back home. Without the proper support, many spinal cord injury patients default to returning to their rehab hospital or visiting an emergency department when disability-specific experience and community supports are not available –a costly healthcare option.

  • ForaHealthyMe Inc. and partner, York University Awarded e-HIPP Grant

    November 28, 2016 3:35 P.M.

    ForaHealthyMe Inc. has also developed several local and international partnerships that help grow the company. These include a collaborative project called " The Mindfulness Virtual Community (MVC)," that was the result of a Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) eHealth Innovation Partnership Program (eHIPP) funding round. This project is in partnership with York University.

    MVC is focused on helping students coping with mental health issues, namely stress, anxiety and depression. Using the ForaHealthyMe Inc. virtual care applications, students have access to tools including key elements of peer-to-peer online support groups, live video-based consults with a clinical psychologist, and e-education mindfulness-based self-help modules (MBSH). The goal is to help users adopt mental health-promoting behaviors while awaiting clinical counselling and/or psychiatric services. The project is valued at approximately C$1 million.