ForaHealthyMe Inc. and Partner Spinal Cord Injury Ontario awarded Health Technologies Fund Grant

Announced on April 3, 2017, ventureLAB entrepreneur ForaHealthyMe Inc. in partnership with Spinal Cord Injury Ontario, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute and the Center for Family Medicine, has been awarded $424,638 from the Ontario Health Technologies Fund granting program.

The grants provided by Ontario’s Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care will support the development of software and mobile devices that focus on the delivery of better home and community care(Jensen/Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, 2017).

The project will enhance the support and services to patients with spinal cord injuries and other mobility disabilities from acute care, through rehab and during the transition back home. Without the proper support, many spinal cord injury patients default to returning to their rehab hospital or visiting an emergency department when disability-specific experience and community supports are not available –a costly healthcare option.

ForaHealthyMe Inc. and partner, York University Awarded e-HIPP Grant

ForaHealthyMe Inc. has also developed several local and international partnerships that help grow the company. These include a collaborative project called "The Mindfulness Virtual Community (MVC)," that was the result of a Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) eHealth Innovation Partnership Program (eHIPP) funding round. This project is in partnership with York University.

MVC is focused on helping students coping with mental health issues, namely stress, anxiety and depression. Using the ForaHealthyMe Inc. virtual care applications, students have access to tools including key elements of peer-to-peer online support groups, live video-based consults with a clinical psychologist, and e-education mindfulness-based self-help modules (MBSH). The goal is to help users adopt mental health-promoting behaviors while awaiting clinical counselling and/or psychiatric services. The project is valued at approximately C$1 million.