Our Virtual Care Solution

The ForaHealthyMe Inc., solution is a low cost, easy-to-use, patient-centric, virtual-care platform. The platform combines critical elements of virtual care for multimorbid patients with complex chronic, acute & behavioral health issues.

The integrated patient-centric system combines applications for telehealth, remote monitoring, health data gathering and tele-rehab using kinematic computer vision technologies.

Our goal is to solve big challenges related to patient access to care and the ability of health providers to deliver services more efficiently.

Our rationale for building an integrated solution that cuts across multiple indications is driven by the fact that patients transition from chronic, to acute care, and back to chronic. During the continuum, they face mental health, cognitive impairment and mobility issues.

To that end, we have enhanced our platform to include kinematic computer vision technology. Our platform combines technology to accurately measure human motion and functional capability across a range of simple and complex motions.

Our virtual care solutions can be deployed in various scenarios including healthy living support programs, disease management environments and clinical treatment settings.

Our software & services are licensed to Healthcare Institutions, Community Care Providers & Payers.